Germany - old Germany


The Netherlands

Germany - oldBelgium for USASpain for the NetherlandsThe Netherlands

UKGermanyThe NetherlandsThe Netherlands
The Netherlands"halfzware shag"The Netherlands / Imperial Tobacco (at the spine)Greece

Duty freeBelgium - 50 leavesBelgium - 60 leavesA NL
GermanyGreeceGreeceThe Netherlands
The Netherlands for export
upper spine: manufactured by Miguel Y Costas.. lower spine: DOUWE EGBERTS The Netherlands The Netherlands Greece
The NetherlandsThe Netherlands - no barcodeThe Netherlands The Netherlands
The Netherlands Belgium for USASpainSpain
SpainSpain Spain Spain
Portugal PortugalLebanon - ungummed and 2 mm widerLebanon - gummed (!) and 2 mm narrower - New!
Papier de Damas 1Papier de Damas 2Papier de Damas 3Papier de Damas 4
SpainSpainUSAUSA (old)
Spain Spain Spain Indonesia
Spain / kingsizeIndonesia IndonesiaIndonesia
IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesia 1. thick (100) 2. thin (50)Indonesia
Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia
IndonesiaIndonesiaIndonesia4 different backsides - see next row!
Djanoko yellow - 4 different backsides (Indonesia)
GermanyIndonesiaBelgium - oldBelgium
The Netherlands without barcode with barcode  
Germany - 1st edition Germany - pre-folded, different size and spine new new
without tips with tips
without tips with tips
sealed (32 papers) sealed (32 papers)
sealed (32 papers) sealed (32 papers)
The Netherlands The Netherlands with tips
USA (old)USA (old) Spain Indonesia
with tips
without tips Slovenia with tips
UK 1. without, 2. with A Greece Greece
Indonesia Poland Poland Poland - 1 1/4 size
Germany UK UK Italy
Germany - oldish Italy