The Netherlands

Germany - old Germany - oldSpain for the NetherlandsThe Netherlands

UKGermanyThe NetherlandsThe Netherlands
The Netherlands"halfzware shag"The Netherlands / Imperial Tobacco (at the spine)Greece

Duty freeBelgium - 50 leavesBelgium - 60 leavesA NL
GermanyGreeceGreeceThe Netherlands
upper spine: manufactured by Miguel Y Costas.. lower spine: DOUWE EGBERTS The Netherlands Belgium for USA Greece
The Netherlands for export The Netherlands The Netherlands Germany - oldish
with tipsThe Netherlands The Netherlands - no barcode
The Netherlands The NetherlandsSpainSpain
SpainSpain Spain Spain
Portugal PortugalLebanon - ungummed and 2 mm widerLebanon - gummed (!) and 2 mm narrower - New!
Papier de Damas 1Papier de Damas 2Papier de Damas 3Papier de Damas 4
SpainSpainUSAUSA (old)
Spain Spain Spain Indonesia
Spain / kingsizeIndonesia IndonesiaIndonesia
SpainIndonesia Indonesia 1. thick (100) 2. thin (50)Indonesia
Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia
IndonesiaIndonesiaIndonesia4 different backsides - see next row!
Djanoko yellow - 4 different backsides (Indonesia)
GermanyIndonesiaBelgium - oldBelgium
The Netherlands without barcode   new
Germany - 1st edition Germany - pre-folded, different size and spine new
Greece Greece Greece Germany
USA without tips
USA (old)USA (old) Indonesia Indonesia
UK Italy The Netherlands
The Netherlands Poland Poland Poland - 1 1/4 size
1. without, 2. with A UK UK UK
Slovenia for Italy